Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's finished! Sorry for lack of updates over last few days, but we had been working away on the puzzle in any free moment.

No bits missing, and managed to get it all fitted together ok.

Now less that two weeks until we head off there for real. We did our online espa form this week too and I am pleased to report we have been approved for entry to the USA, phew!

On holiday as of next week, so will be planning and organizing more stuff then to make the most of our trip. Came across a website for juniors new york cheese cake, which is apparently one of the best you can get, and my mouth filled with saliva when I saw the picture of a lovely big slice of cheese cake.... I am thinking that may be our pudding every night we are there, as the take a way where you can get it is not very far from our hotel. Yummy!

Early night tonight as we did not get to sleep until after 4am this morning and was up just after 7am for work. There was no fear of falling asleep on the job today however as the workmen doing the refit were demolishing a granite brick wall today. Very very noisy and dusty!

Sweet dreams