Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hi. That is half the week over already! It is flying past. Had a very busy day at work yesterday, then had the season finale of lost, was good but still need answers!

Had a day off today since I am working this saturday. Was quite quiet just tidying around the house then Nick and Erin came for tea. Erin is eating solid food now, so we had mince and tatties. Went down well with everyone I think. We then went for a walk down to see mum, and Erin fell asleep the whole time we were there!

Anyway, that is the update for just now, will be in touch at the end of the week x

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hi there

Had a good weekend, nice pottering day on Saturday. Got a few jobs done round the house, went to a concert in the evening whci was very good.

Sunday I was working for an hour and then some of Rich's family came across. Was a lovely afternoon with Evelyn Grandma and Rach, then Russ and Mike joined us and we had dinner. 7 - the most we have had around the dinner table. Everyone seemed to enjoy their supper which was good.

I did some cross stich in the evening and relazed and Rich did some study.

Today was fine, quite busy. Spoke to Emma this evening for the first time in ages, was really good to catch up, then went for a walk since it was such a nice evening, very mild. Now off for a bath and an early night in preparation for the lost season finale tomorrow night!!

Later x

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Friday feeling!

Friday is great when you are not working the next day! Looking forward to a relaxing day off tomorrow after a busy week. Pouring with rain tonight, but hoping for another fine day tomorrow.

Claire and Stevens wedding is now less than a month away! Everyone seems to be organized with outfits apart from me, have been looking on the net tonight, will have to hit the shops sometime soon I think.

Going to see a welsh male voice choir tomorrow evening, not really our cup of tea but still think it should be good. Looking forward to it.

Anyway, that sounds like Rich is home from the practice so better go. Speak to you soon x

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Overdue update due to request from little sister.

I was working Saturday, had a lovely day Sunday. Church, the coffee and a bagel, then gaden work for the rest of the afternoon. Ver warm day. Was lovely.

Monday Richard was away over night with his work. Had my first night alone at home since we got married, survived though. Phil kept me company!

Tuesday was another normal day, went over to Inverurie in the evening to see Claire in her wedding dress, she looked lovely. Now only 1 month to go! Rich got home safe, it was a bit of a wash out though, poured with rain so did not get to do the quad biking or anything.

Today was again pretty normal. Delivered phil his prison break dvds that we got for him then came home. Was a lovely evening for a walk. Then got some sad news, you just never know what is round the corner! Speak again soon x

Friday, September 15, 2006

We have both had a good enough day today. Usual mad dash Friday, I got home from work at 7pm and Rich left for the practice at 7.30pm, managed to have supper together in between though.

Good to see some coments, thanks for that. 11pm is a late night for me Linda, so no more light weight comments from you please, need to be fresh for the following days work! the average body needs 8 hours sleep to function porperly, and I would say I am pretty average.

I met Skye today, this is the dog that Rich and I are going to be looking after the first weeekend in October, she was lovely. Very kind temprament and very docile. Looking forward to having her stay while her owners are at a wedding.

Away to look for a good photo print to get for Rich's Christmas, looking for a good F1 action shot to get for the study. He does know about it as I have having such a hard time deciding he is looking too. You can get lost for hours!

Anyway, hoping to update again tomorrow

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good evening. We thought it was about time we got a hang of this blogging. Linda has been at it for the past3 years, and even dad seems to have posted for the last 3 consecutive days (pretty good, thought provoking stuff)! There is not nearly as much going on with us as with the two above bloggers, but we do have the odd thought that may be worth posting - no comments dad please!

Having a usual week so far, our routine has totally changed since moving house nearly 3 months ago, now much more active in the evenings. This evening was spent helping Rich's mum and dad do a few jobs at their house. Have been out walking the first 3 evenings this week, but very heavy rain today so not walking weather.

Revived my aspiration for the future today - I am hoping to invent the 140ml bottle of penicillin and flucloxacillin 125/5ml and 250/5ml, they currently only come in 100ml bottles, yet the dosage is usually 5ml four times a day for a week, therefore I have to make up two 100ml bottles (by reconstituting a powder with water) then measure out 140ml. So in the space of 10 minutes today I had to make up 6 bottles of antibiotics, nae great!

Our profile is looking quite bare at the moment, but we are hoping to build it up over the next few days.

Nearly bed time, will hope to update again tomorrow