Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday 8th May - Qualifying day!

Got up nice and early again today, had a quick bite (breakfast today was creme caramel, usually intended as a pudding, but it went down a treat this morning!), then headed for the train. Had a good run up to Montmelo, then popped in past the bakers shop again to buy a sandwich and a bottle of water to keep us going at the track, then headed up.

We noticed on walking up that the pavements were pretty sodden. The forecast today was for rain, but however when we got up this morning the forecast had changed to being mostly cloudy, it was a beautiful morning in Barcelona, so suncream was packed in the bag today! While walking up we came across the shuttle transport that was available to take folk up to the track, I just had to stop and take a pic of the 'trainie'!

Once we got to the track and got to where we wanted to sit, will was pretty clear there had been a fair dump of rain over night, the grassy bank was already soft sludgy mud, and that was to be out seat for the day!

Never mind, we started to make our way down the bank (it was very slippy), and popped down our (plastic backed) travel rug, my new shoes were caked in mud, so I took them off and left them to dry in the sun. We then had the entertainment of watching other folk try to get down the hill, so many folk fell, and then couldn't get up again! Not good. The sun was fairly warm today, so as time went on the mud gradually dried out.

There was a great atmosphere again today, there was a group of Spanish boys sitting in front of us, one of which was the life and soul of the party! He was interacting with everyone sitting around him, even us, although we didn't understand a word he said. There was a mexican wave going at one point too, which was caught on camera by the helicopter, it was on the big TV screens, don't know if it would have made it to the tv screen at home though ; ) See below a pic Rich got of Alonso when he passed, you can see the fists in the air by the fans, they did this every time he passed and every time he came on the big screen!

The red bulls seemed untouchable today! Rain is forecast for tomorrow afternoon by the looks of it, and although that will make things messy for us again, it will make the race a bit more unpredictable... we will have to see what happens!

We were a bit tired once we got back to the hotel so it was room service tonight, although listening to Rich ordering it was funny, the girl at the other end of the phone couldn't understand what he was wanting, lol.

We are going to get up a bit earlier tomorrow to catch the earlier train... this will be our last early start on the holiday though, we wont need to get there so early in Monaco (which early forecasts are also indicating rain!) We are not sure what is going on, rain forecast in usually dry and sunny Spain and France and this ash cloud is following us too! Barcelona airport apparently closed this evening, madness!


Jim Buchan said...

Great stuff - keep the reports going. Just watched todays race - gutter for LH - very unfortunate - but as he says there are many races still to come.....

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