Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Overdue update due to request from little sister.

I was working Saturday, had a lovely day Sunday. Church, the coffee and a bagel, then gaden work for the rest of the afternoon. Ver warm day. Was lovely.

Monday Richard was away over night with his work. Had my first night alone at home since we got married, survived though. Phil kept me company!

Tuesday was another normal day, went over to Inverurie in the evening to see Claire in her wedding dress, she looked lovely. Now only 1 month to go! Rich got home safe, it was a bit of a wash out though, poured with rain so did not get to do the quad biking or anything.

Today was again pretty normal. Delivered phil his prison break dvds that we got for him then came home. Was a lovely evening for a walk. Then got some sad news, you just never know what is round the corner! Speak again soon x

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TLT said...

Prison break *grins*

what sad news?