Monday, September 25, 2006

Hi there

Had a good weekend, nice pottering day on Saturday. Got a few jobs done round the house, went to a concert in the evening whci was very good.

Sunday I was working for an hour and then some of Rich's family came across. Was a lovely afternoon with Evelyn Grandma and Rach, then Russ and Mike joined us and we had dinner. 7 - the most we have had around the dinner table. Everyone seemed to enjoy their supper which was good.

I did some cross stich in the evening and relazed and Rich did some study.

Today was fine, quite busy. Spoke to Emma this evening for the first time in ages, was really good to catch up, then went for a walk since it was such a nice evening, very mild. Now off for a bath and an early night in preparation for the lost season finale tomorrow night!!

Later x

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TLT said...

ah well good you had a nice weekend...

check out my personal blogspot... it may amuse you somewhat *wink*