Friday, September 15, 2006

We have both had a good enough day today. Usual mad dash Friday, I got home from work at 7pm and Rich left for the practice at 7.30pm, managed to have supper together in between though.

Good to see some coments, thanks for that. 11pm is a late night for me Linda, so no more light weight comments from you please, need to be fresh for the following days work! the average body needs 8 hours sleep to function porperly, and I would say I am pretty average.

I met Skye today, this is the dog that Rich and I are going to be looking after the first weeekend in October, she was lovely. Very kind temprament and very docile. Looking forward to having her stay while her owners are at a wedding.

Away to look for a good photo print to get for Rich's Christmas, looking for a good F1 action shot to get for the study. He does know about it as I have having such a hard time deciding he is looking too. You can get lost for hours!

Anyway, hoping to update again tomorrow


TLT said...

LOL.... i hope rich doesn't read this then seeing as you've just publicised his christmas pressie xP

as for the sleep thing... of this i am aware... but still... come on... 11pm is when old people go to bed xP

Sheena 'n Geo are looking after a wee dog called Molly at the moment... i'm loving it coz everytime i visit she goes mad and immediately jumps up on my lap and sleeps - she's sooooo sweet... same as Bud, only a she (obviously *heh*)


Rich & Fi said...

Very cute. Rich knows about the present, I think he will prob end up choosing it! Speak to you later x

TLT said...

this is shocking... no update for 3 whole days!!!! *shock*