Friday, September 11, 2009

Day FIVE still

Well, it is now just after 6pm. We have spend most of the day at the shops believe it or not! I bought a pair of fit flops from Macy's with our visitors 10% off card and then we got bits and pieces. Unfortunately it has rained pretty much all day which is a shame, but it didn't dampen our spirits! It was mostly just a drizzle, bit it did pour at one stage so we had a coffee break!

The weather has really been kind to us up to now, and even though it was wet today it was not cold. We are certainly glad we did not have any plans to go up the observation decks or boat trips today, visibility is not so good.

We visited the Apple Store today. We resisted buying any gadgets, but it was an experience seeing all these Macs on show. The staff were all doing demos and trying to convert some PC folkies to being Mac folkies!

We are hoping for a smooth trip home, we leave at 10.30pm tonight and should get back into Aberdeen tomorrow about 1.30pm all being well.

Now we better get going to Penn Station to catch the train to JKF airport to start our journey home. We are sad to leave the city, but we have had a great time and here seen so much. We are looking forward to getting a welcome from Hollie tomorrow and hoping she will want to come home after her stay at mum and dad's and not go in a sulk!

See you back in Scotland!

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