Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just back a the hotel for a quick break enroute to the Top of the Rock Observation deck then on the Grand Central Station to go to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse for dinner. Had another great day with lots packed in again!

Started after breakfast (healthy version today, no donuts) by heading to Penn Station and taking the subway C line to High Street in Brooklyn. Then walked up on to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked over stopping for photo opportunities at several points on the walk. Once we arrived at the Manhattan side again we walked down to the South Seaport area to visit the Bodies exhibit. This was really interesting, it was real dead bodies used to show skeleton, muscles and veins/arteries networks. The dead bodies were donated mostly, although I think that there were some that were 'Jane Does' as well. There was a pair of lungs from a person who was a heavy smoker, the lungs were disgusting, and I would hope smokers would take note of that and think twice about lighting up again!

After the Bodies exhibit we walked round the bottom of Manhattan, looking across to Liberty and Ellis Island and then round as far as the World Trade Centre site. There is the start of building a new skyscraper there now, called the Freedom tower I think. There will also we a memorial for the victims of 9/11. It is such a large area, and very sobering to think about that day when the towers collapsed.

We then walked straight back across via Wall Street and headed back to the South Seaport to board the Clipper Tall Ship for our boat trip. It was a bit too windy today for using the sails, one sail was used for a wee while, but was taken down again quite quickly once we turned around. It was a really nice informal trip, there was a few staff that were very friendly, you were allowed to help pull the rope to lift the sail if you wanted to.

After we arrived back to the berth, we walked up through China Town then back on to Broadway and back to the hotel. Now grabbing a quick coffee before heading out again. Phew!

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Jim Buchan said...

No photos today??? Was looking forward to seeing the dead bodies ;-)