Monday, September 07, 2009

Day one

Alarm went off at 4.15am, we both woke with a jump and were both in the middle of a dream! Had slept quite well considering we got hooked watching Ocean's 11 on telly late last night, I think it didn't finish until after midnight! So to sum up.... got 4 hours sleep.

Dad collected us at 5am and took us to Aberdeen airport. Got luggage checked in and waited in departures until boarding time. Had a 20 minute delay leaving Aberdeen, not sure why, had good flight down with a cooked breakfast (was hungry by then) and one of the smoothest landings I have ever experienced at Heathrow!

Arrived at terminal 5, got transferred from building A to building B where all the jumbo jets are and waited at gate for boarding time. Managed to resist retail therapy... Boarded early, however two people didn't turn up for the flight so we were delayed while the luggage was off loaded. 20 minutes later we were on our way to JFK.

Had a very nice flight, had chicken and pasta for lunch and watched The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock, an episode of Friends and an episode of Big Bang Theory. Started reading one of my books. This one is called 'I heart New York'. It is based in Manhattan, so very inkeeping with the trip! The pressure got too much for me as far as the Green immigration Card goes. I made a mistake so needed to ask for another one, and to make matters worse the air hostess forgot, so I had to ask again. Got it right second time round. Phew!

Arrived at JFK, sunny warm day with light cloud. Waited an hour in the immigration line, but after we were allowed in we made it to the hotel with much ease. Got the airtrain to Jamica station, bought our metro card for pay for subway and airtrain fares, then bought our LIRR (long island rain road) tickets to get into Penn station, and timed it perfectly to catch the next train. 20 minutes later we were in the centre of Manhattan. Found the hotel easily and got checked in. Was expecting a tiny room, but is really a good size, has a telly and nice big comfy bed. Also had a view up to the Empire State Building which is really good.

Got freshened up then headed out to the streets... Walked down 6th Ave then cut across to see the Flatiron building, it is so narrow! Carried on down to Washington Square Park, took photos and absorbed the atmosphere, loads going on, street artists performing all over the park, and even loads of folk playing chess on tables in a corner of the park! Walked from there to Greenwich village to check out some Friends locations. This was really a lovely area, loads of cafes, tree lined streets, so so quiet, folk gathered together on their door steps chatting to each other. Just a lovely atmosphere. Really hard to believe that a few blocks over it is so busy and noisy! Walked up Bleeker St and came across the place that makes the cup cakes in Sex and the City, it was queued out the door! Took a photo for Rachel my sister in law who is a huge fan and continued on to 7th Ave and walked up until we came to Times Square.

Times Square. Well, the darkness was coming down so all the bright lights were shinning, bright lights everywhere! We found the Juniors Cheesecake restaurant, and we went to the take a way and bought two pieces of cheesecake. New York and carrot cake cheesecake. Being honest, the carrot cake wins hands down, the New York one is a bit more stodgy than I would have expected. I am thinking we will pay at least another visit as there are a few more flavors that were very tempting : )

By this time getting very weary so head back to hotel and here we are. Typing up in between spoonfuls of cheesecake.

Am thinking we should get some sleep now so we are refreshed ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrows plans are maybe Macy's or Empire State Building first thing after breakfast if we are up early. Madison Square tour late morning, the Intrepid Museum in the afternoon and will grab something to eat in the pier area to kill time until the twilight circle line tour which is at 7pm.

Have a nice day now

Fiona and Rich x

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