Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Well, we went back to the initial plan for the day which was Central Park Zoo and the Museum of Nat History. We walked up 6th Ave to see the Rockefeller Centre, then crossed over to 5th Ave to see the Trump Tower. Just past there we came across the filming for the Sex and the City 2 film. We watched for a wee while. Didn't see any other the stars though.

Next stop was Central Park Zoo. A small zoo, but a good variety of animals to see. A new addition to their zoo family was the snow leopard which arrived in June, very topical in my family as that is the name of the new operating system for the Mac! It was a bit shy and stayed well hidden at the top of his enclosure.

Was also saw the sea lions getting fed and being trained. Saw a large variety of tropical birds and lots of other animals too, oh yes and the penguins. There were baby ones, and we watched one little one jump up the rocks to get on the higher level. Quite a funny sight a penguin jumping! It managed though!

After the zoo we walked up through the park (is it hard to believe it is in the middle of a huge city... it is so peaceful and quiet) and made our way to the museum of Natural History. Now, we have walked everywhere in Manhattan since we arrived, and have found everything we have looked for and got from A to B no problem. Did we manage to get around the museum without getting lost? NNN-oooo! We ended up outside the museum and had to show our tickets again to get back in! Crying out loud! It was really good though. Such a wide variety of exhibits to see. We were beginning to lag a bit, so got a coffee. It was not hot and I managed to drink it nearly in one go! So I can not recommend the (expensive) museum coffee! But it did the job and kept us going.

After the museum we walked back down the park and then onto 6th Avenue back down to Times Square. We passed Carnegie Hall and a beautiful building that was a hotel I think. We got to Times Square and went to get something to eat. Went to Planet Hollywood, food tasty but not overly warm again! After that we went back to Juniors cheesecake takeaway to get a slice to have later tonight after the theatre. Rich chose the Choc Swirl flavour, so will see how that goes down later! Then walked back to hotel and here we are! Leaving for the theatre in about 45 minutes, really looking forward to the show!

P.S. Donuts on offer again at breakfast today! Also had a cinnamon/rasin bagel. Yummy!

P.P.S Forgot to say yesterday, if you go the the Empire State Building I advise you not to wear a green t-shirt (as I did) as you get your photo taken in front of a green screen as you go in. When we saw it when we were coming out, I could not understand why I had the empire state building all over my t-shirt! I also have been trying to remember the name of the green sesame street character that was on the front of my green t-shirt since I bought it. The very nice security guard at the Empire State Building told me yesterday it is Grouch! So now I know!!

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