Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day THREE still!!

Ok, so that is us just back from the Lion King. Wow what a show! We had excellent seats just in eye-line with the stage and seven seats in from the aisle, at the start we had an elephant with its baby elephant walk past us down the aisle up on to the stage. It was all so close. It was so cleverly put together, it was just brilliant! The evening flew in! Not able to wear my fit flops with the trousers I had on tonight unfortunately, had to wear high heeled shoes. Have walked for miles in my fit flops without a problem. A 15 minute walk up to Times Square in my high heels and I have numerous areas on my feet where the skin has rubbed away. I had to walk back bare footed. Feet now a bit black!

Anyway, I was thinking that I have not posted a photo of our room yet, or posted the cheesecake photos, so here they come.....

The cheesecake! New York in the left and carrot cake cheesecake on the right. These two slices lasted us two days, so just bought one slice today.

View from our room - the Empire State Building! The one above taken on Labor Day therefore has the American colour scheme.

This is our room. A good size and a very comfy bed!

I will post tonights cheesecake tomorrow night when I upload tomorrows photos. I can report however that it is very smooth and creamy again. Yummy!

Good night!

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