Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, it is only 10.30am so there is not much to report from today as yet, I succumbed to the donuts this morning as it was our last day. Yum. Have to check out by 1pm, so may not get a chance to update again until we get home.

Today is the 8th anniversary of the September 11th Terror Attacks. We currently have the telly on showing the memorial service. There is moments of silence at the times when the towers were hit and then collapsed so far and the names of all the people who lost their lives in the attacks are being read out. They started reading the names over an hour ago and they are currently only on the surname L. It gives you a reminder of just how many people lost their lives on this day. Very sad.

We are just round the corner from Macy's, so we plan to head there this morning for a look and also to head up the FAO Schwartz store and maybe the Apple store. It is raining here today at the moment but the sky is not too dark, so it will hopefully clear.

Last night we went up the Rockefellar Centre to the observation deck. The sun was just beginning to set and we got some lovely shots of this. You got a good view of the Empire State Building all lit up, and you could see the expanse of Central Park. It was beautiful seeing the city lights sparkling.

After this we walked down 5th ave and then found the Grand Central Station. We had dinner at the steak house and it was really delicious. Such a tasty juicy steak cooked perfectly. The onion rings just melted in your mouth. My mouth is filling with saliva just talking about it! It was a lovely finish to our last day and something I would recommend hands down!

We then just headed back to the hotel and checked in for our flight home before heading to bed.

Off to enjoy our last day, it has really been a great trip with lots great memories!

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Stevo and Claire said...

Martin will be chuffed to hear you went for the onion rings! Stevo standing with me reading your blog - he is very impressed with your computing skills! Safe flight home. Only 4 sleeps for us now. Woo hoo! xx